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Dragon Tiger Gate (2006) Full HD Movie


Dragon Tiger Gate (2006) Full HD Movie

Tiger Wong is a highly skilled martial artist with a strong sense of justice. At the yearly bun festival, Tiger realizes that a group of triad gangsters are bullying innocent people. Tiger, unable to stand by and just watch, defeats the gangsters using his special move – Dragon Slaying Leg Eighteen, and accidentally grabs the garland from the top of the bun mountain winning the applause and admiration of the audience. Hidden in the garland is a gold medal.

It turns out that this gold medal is the Lousha token decreed by the leader of the Lousha Gate, Shibumi. ‘Gate’ is a word describing martial arts sect or organization and Lousha Gate is a criminal organization in Asia and whoever owns the gold medal has the right to demand the full cooperation of Lousha Gate. Tiger, unaware of the medal’s powers, is ambushed by the gang during his celebrations. As fate has it, he is saved by Dragon Wong, the bodyguard of one of the gangsters, who is sent to retrieve the medal. A blonde youth using nunchakus, Turbo Shek, also joins in to help them. Dragon retrieves the medal from Tiger. Tiger is shocked when he notices a jade pendant and realizes that Dragon is his step-brother.

Although Dragon is part of Jiang Hu - the complicated society of the martial arts world involving different Gates of evil and good, and working for a criminal gang, he has kept himself away from any criminal activities. After Dragon’s gangster boss Ma Kun returns the plaque to Shibumi he announces his retirement from Jiang Hu. Shibumi is angry upon hearing this news and sends his adopted daughter Lousha to destroy Ma.

In the meantime, Tiger has asked Ma Kun’s daughter Ma Xiaoling to help him inform Dragon that they are brothers. Xiaoling, who has already taken a liking to Tiger, agrees to help him. Dragon actually recognised him from the beginning but refuses to accept him. Lousha kills Ma Kun, but fortunately Dragon manages to fight his way out and escapes to Dragon Tiger Gate with Ma Xiaoling. Dragon hands Xiaoling over to Tiger and leaves, as he is unable to forget the past and so is unable to enter Dragon Tiger Gate.

Excited by the appearance of worthy opponents at Dragon Tiger Gate, Shibumi appears itching for a fight and kills their master Wong Jianglong. Tiger and Shek are devastated. They try to fight back but are no match for Shibumi. Shibumi wipes out Dragon Tiger Gate and leave the two heroes for dead.

In desperation Xiaoling manages to escape with the badly wounded heroes to Bai Yun Mountain in China to seek help from Master Qi, an enigmatic recluse. Qi is famed for his expert skills in martial arts and healing, but also know for his eccentricity and unpredictable character. Xiaoling uses everything she can think of to persuade him to help and finally wins him over with her sincerity and Master Qi brings the heroes back from the gates of death. Master Qi then imparts special skills to both Tiger and Shek and they vow to revenge the death of their master Wong Jianglong. Meanwhile, Dragon almost dies from internal injuries but is saved by Lousha, as all along Lousha and Dragon have been lovers.

Back in Lousha Gate, Shibumi is unafraid of the trio’s attack. He waits at the scene of their final showdown…

Dragon Tiger Gate (2006) Full HD Movie



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